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Faro Focus Laser Scanning Services

Do you need Speed, Accuracy, Precision & High Resolution measuring for inspection or documentation?

Then our Faro Focus 3D Laser Scanner services may be your answer.  3D Laser Scanning allows a precise analysis of a physical object by using light photons that transfer and convert information into accurate digital point cloud information. Through 3D Laser Scanning, the information (either a digital picture of the area or object dimensions) is digitally collected in 3D point cloud form, and then transferred to an application specific post processing program that can portray the image from either a 2D or a 3D perspective.

The information collected through 3D Laser Scanning can be CAD integrated for reverse engineering, modeling, prototyping, scale rendering, architecture, inspections, quality control, and many other purposes. Our 3D Laser Scanner is portable, compact, and can scan objects ranging in size from cars to aircraft, buildings, factories, tunnels, and we have recently seen an up-turn in 3D Laser Scanning demand within the transportation and historical documentation fields. Regardless of the size, we can use 3D Laser scanning to scan an object with the accuracy of (+ -) 2mm.

3D Laser Scanning technology is unequivocally one of the most efficient and effective ways to obtain usable physical data records for use in many applications. 

View the Faro Focus 3D Laser Scanner Video below!

Laser scanning 3d data collection is becoming the industry standard for:

  • Power plants
  • Machine shops
  • Roadway Design/As-Builting
  • Factories
  • Oil & Gas
  • Law enforcement & forensics
  • Heritage and historical preservation
  • Art & sculpture
  • Architecture

3D scans have many applications including:

  • 3D Modeling & Visualizations
  • Animations, walkthroughs, flythoughs
  • Inspection and metrology
  • Reverse engineering
  • As-build/As-built capture
  • Scan 3D data to create CAD
  • 3D Printing, 3d imaging

Industries That Use 3D Laser Scanning

  • Power generation - 3D scanning data can help power plants of all types including coal, gas, wind farms, solar farms, nuclear, hydroelectric geothermal. Power plant environments can be extremely complex making the 3d laser scan a valuable aid to engineering tasks. 
  • Oil and gas - Laser scanning is very effective at documenting oil platforms and refineries to aid engineering processes. Complex piping structures can be accurately captured, avoiding costly on-site fitment issues upon installation.
  • Manufacturing - Performing 3D scans of factories can fill in missing or incomplete plans and drawings, making further modifications of the factory easier and less time consuming. 
  • Law enforcement - Laser scanning is very useful for forensics, crime scene documentation, and accident reconstruction, preserving an accurate digital replica of a scene that can be measured and analyzed later. 
  • Heritage & historical preservation - a very valuable use of this cutting edge technology is for the preservation of important places such as archaeological sites, battlefields, historic buildings and monuments.
  • Architectural: 3D scanning can capture accurate representations of existing structures which can then be enhanced to show proposed architectural changes.
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