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Survey/GIS Projects

Central Utah Water Conservancy District’s Spanish Fork Provo Reservoir Canal Pipeline

This project consists of about 5 miles of 60" diameter pipe line complete with blowoff and air-vac structures.  We are required to stake each pipe joint for location and elevation.   We are responsible for laying out all concrete structures and as-builting all existing utilities as they are found.  We are also assisting in the repaving process.

Anderson Geneva Development in Vineyard, Utah 

This project is a 1700 acre mix use site located on the property of the former Geneva Steel Works steel plant in Vineyard, Utah purchased by Anderson Geneva Development, Inc. (AGDI)

who cleared the property of the existing steel plant and are at this time developing the property. Central Utah Water Conservancy District purchased 14 wells on the AGDI property and is at the present time preparing to construct several large water transmission lines across the property to a centrally located parcel. Kent Barney was responsible for the preparation of the legal descriptions and exhibit drawings to secure 100’x100’ parcels around 12 of the 14 wells, several 75’ Temporary Construction Easements for the construction of the water transmission lines and several 25’ Utility Corridor Easements for future maintenance of the water transmission lines. These legal descriptions and exhibits were then recorded in the Utah County Recorder’s Office.  Also, Utah Department of Transportation negotiated buying several large tracts of land from AGDI across the Geneva property for the future Right of Way of the Vineyard Connector roadway.

Olmstead Pipeline Replacement

Approximately 1.5 miles of 106” water pipe was replaced and buried.  The specifications required the layout of each individual pipe and as built the pipe as placed.

Kennecott Modernization

This project was to reconstruct and upgrade the North end of the Kennecott Copper Refinery.  These were the buildings for the extracting and refining of copper and gold. This included roads, leach pads, railroad sidings, large diameter pipelines and exhaust pipelines set on bents and connected to the main smoke stack.  This was a 2 year project.

Hurricane Arch Bridge

Contacted by the manufacturer of an arch type bridge to help with the fabrication of the arch pieces to meet the UDOT specifications.  The pieces had to be milled within 2 millimeters.  Responsible for marking the location of bolt patterns and location of supports.  After fabrication, the construction company contacted us to monitor the installation of the pieces and survey them to insure that they met in the middle for the key way as designed.

Bangerter Highway/I-15 Interchange

This construction included approximately 2.5 miles of divided highway with a new interchange with overpass on I-15.  This project also include constructing an underpass for a main railroad line and a bridge over the Jordan River..  A bypass line was constructed  to maintain train traffic while the underpass was being constructed.

Harvest Park Subdivision

This multiphase project has included homes and town homes throughout this planned community.  Several detention basins dot this development along with a new park with a club house and pavilion.  This project is not completed.  The GPS and robotic instrument have been used for the construction staking.  Rob Mullen has been involved in much of this ongoing project.

Cherrington Heights

This 105 lot subdivision in Springville is unique in that it included rerouting several water lines into the existing water tanks along with a large detention basin with overflow lines and riprapped areas in case of a very large storm.  It included all new storm drain, sewer and water lines.  Rob Mullen completed this project using the robotic total station.

Commercial/Industrial Projects

Beehive Homes on River Rd.

St. George, Utah

This community commercial project consisted of 2 assisted living facilities and approx. 12,000 sq. ft. of commercial building space.  This 3 acre mixed use project in St. George sits high upon the ridge and the rough terrain & grading challenges made this a very unique site.  ADA requirements had to be achieved and current drainage issues resolved during the design process.

Kokopelli Golf Course Clubhouse

Apple Valley, Utah

This clubhouse located in Apple Valley just off the 10th hole of the newly completed Kokopelli Golf Course consisted of water features, practice putting green, outdoor reception area and paths linking the clubhouse with the golf course.  The challenge of the site was the terrain change from the front to the back of the clubhouse resulting in retaining walls which creates a "hideout" for the back entrance and cart stacking.

Esplin Industrial Development

Spanish Fork, UT

This Industrial Park in Spanish Fork, Utah consisted of 8 industrial lots ranging in size.  A wetlands mitigation had to take place prior to site design and development.  E-One sewer lifts and mains were needed to run sanitary sewer to each lot.  A site plan for a future welding site was completed on Lot 1 consisting of all drainage and landscape design.

Parks & Recreation Projects

Foothill Park

Provo, Utah

The latest park project for Region has been the new Foothill Park in Provo City.  This project is an extremely difficult project due to its terrain and storm drainage issues.  The project is completed in 3 Phases and consists of multiple view points, pedestrian pathways, one and two way main drives and full parking/restroom areas.

Sherwood Hills Park

Provo, Utah

This project was accomplished under Civil Science, with Shawn Herring acting as Design Engineer.   This project involved reconstruction of an existing 20 acre-foot detention basin into a smaller 8 acre-foot detention basin with the remaining area converted into recreation facilities.  The park features include a stream, a pedestrian trail, tennis courts, a tot lot, a fire pit, pavilions, and open playing fields.  We provided innovative solutions for project challenges, including specialized trail design adjustments to accommodate steep grades, drainage issues, and erosion control.

Bonneville Shoreline Pedestrian Trail

Cedar Hills, Utah

This project was accomplished under Civil Science, with Shawn Herring acting as Design Engineer.   The project was for the 1.4 mile Bonneville Shoreline Pedestrian Trail as part of the 2006 Parks & Trails package.  Responsibilities included the final horizontal and vertical design while keeping within the ADA requirements, utility coordination including the Salt Lake Aqueduct, preliminary and final plan set, performing design calculations as they relate to bid quantities, assisting in the creation of an Engineer’s Estimate, and writing project special provisions.  Survey responsibilities included the existing right-of-way deed research and legal description creation for the perpetual and construction easements.

Timpanogos Cove Park

Cedar Hills, Utah

This project was accomplished under Civil Science, with Shawn Herring acting as Design Engineer.    Responsibilities included the final layout and drainage design.  The park features include a pedestrian trail, basketball courts, several tot lots, pavilions, and open playing fields and an amphitheatre.  With steep slopes and a rough terrain, we were responsible for keeping within the ADA requirements. The five-acre park complex contains five picnic pavilions (one large, one medium and three small); two playgrounds, one for tots and one for teens; a basketball court; a natural amphitheater area; and restrooms.

Land Development Projects

Sunrise Cliffs

Moab, Utah

This mixed residential community includes workforce affordable housing including a modular park and efficiency apartment building for rentals, as well as a mix of single family and twin homes.  The goal was to offer at least 150 workforce affordable housing units to the community of Moab.  On the upscale side there are 20-25 multi-acre view lots and 10-15 smaller lots on the water course.  The subdivision amenities will include a water course beginning at the top of the property meandering its way down to a meditation pool in the center of a large walking labyrinth located in the park, which will be dedicated to the city.  The water course will feature beautiful waterfalls, and small pools along the way.

Footprinters Grove

Provo, Utah

This proposed mixed-use residential development will provide 150 total units. 60 single family lots of 10,000 sq. ft., 40 single family lots of 6,000 sq. ft. and 50 multi-level twinhomes.  With over 2 acres of park space and 2.5 miles of trails, Footprinters Grove will be the most exciting development in Southwest Provo.

Palomino Ranch Subdivision

Coolidge, AZ.

Responsibilities included the preliminary layout and design of the 880 acre master planned community.  This project involved extensive excavation to create manmade lake attractions.  The project also included a park that features a stream system, a pedestrian trail, tennis courts, several tot lots, pavilions, and a public baseball field.

Rogers Ranch

Gilbert, Arizona

Rogers Ranch Parcel 9 is a 36-acre, 256-unit residential development located at the northwest corner of 47th Avenue and Baseline Road. M2 Group was contracted by the developer for preliminary engineering services as well as the paving, grading, water and sewer plans, final site plan and final plat for this site. This project is a highly innovative medium-density residential project, which incorporated three diverse product types.

Mesquite Trails Subdivision

Maricopa, AZ.

Services included the overall design sanitary sewage system including design calculations for the sewer lift station needed to accommodate the massive needs of the subdivision.

Misc. Projects 

National Elk Refuge

Jackson, WY

In March of 2010 Region was contracted to analyze and design an irrigation system at the National Elk Refugee in Jackson Wyoming. The project covered almost 5000 acres, and the system had to be installed before September 30th 2010. Region’s design team field surveyed, designed and specified the project in just 5 weeks.

Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Project

The Colorado River and its tributaries provide municipal and industrial water for more than 23 million people in the seven Basin States and irrigation water to nearly 4 million acres of land. The threat of salinity is a major concern in both the United States and the Republic of Mexico. Salinity affects agricultural, municipal, and industrial users. Damages in Mexico are unquantified, but damages in the United States typically range between $500 million and $750 million per year. The 

Bureau of Reclamation is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Bureau of Land Management in the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program to build many salinity control projects on the Colorado River. The program's overall goal is to cost-effectively reduce the amount of salinity in the river water.

Region has become deeply involved in assisting Harward Irrigation on the Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Project, and as of August 2010 has completed several projects. 

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